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The brightest sky,
An emerald night...
A wick set to ignite.

Born was a plan to step aside,
With a noble task in mind...
Simple, eloquent design,
To preserve the rich and erudite,
Faction and divide,
Brace for the incoming tide.

The atmosphere is full of fright,
Just a spark is needed tonight.

What a turn of twisted fate,
There is no god to abate,
The constant march of the apostate.
Consumed by the fire of hate,
Of their personified state,
Justified anger, congregated.

Release my spirit,
Douse my soul in gasoline,
I don't believe a shift,
Will ever change the hearts of fiends...

Faith... is the death of reason,
Are you questioning?
If there'd ever be a season,
When they'd call your name.
My insecurity, has fallen away.
Transcendent fire, cleansing for a moment...

Melt away their shell, so they can see...

In a blast of unceremonious atomic annihilation,
The only ones standing were those suffering, the indoctrination.

Stripped away of earth and their right to serenade the opposition,
Left with no other choice than to manipulate, the only decision,
How long will it last, and how to eradicate?
And in the case of an inquisition,
Is there a way to eliminate?
Can they sell it all?
Take away, pieces of all our sanity, with the same conviction?
My heart bleeds for us all,
Until the very end of time.


from Transcend, released April 20, 2016



all rights reserved


Miles From Exile Chicago, Illinois

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